Product Concepts

You can send metrics data to HostedMetrics by using the StatsD protocol.

Most programming languages have a third-party de-facto/popular StatsD package or library that you can use. For example, for python there's the statsd package.

Connection Details

StatsD port: 48172


You must prefix all your metric names with your api key. The StatsD library you're using most likely has support for this. It should automatically add a period character too to separate the prefix from the metric name.


You can make use of tags by appending comma-separated key/value pairs to the metric name, like such:,ip_address=,server_name=pelican

Field Names

Field names can be specified by appending them with a period character to the metric name (and before the tags, that is). So, if you send these two lines:,ip_address=,server_name=pelican,ip_address=,server_name=pelican
the data will be stored under a measurement named It will contain the fields cpu and memory. Lastly, the measurements will be tagged with:
ip_address =, and
server_name = pelican
For more details on field names, please see the Measurement Naming page.

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