Monitoring, Dashboards, and Alerts for uWSGI

Understand your infrastructure, even if you don't have DevOps experience

HostedMetrics offers a complete turnkey monitoring solution built with InfluxDB at the core. Simply specify HostedMetrics' server ip address, port, and api key in uWSGI's configuration to start sending metrics. Optimized for infrastructure and application monitoring, it includes Grafana for your dashboard needs, and alerting too.

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It probably sounds complicated. It's not.

You can get started within minutes, and without confusion.

Simply create an account and add a command-line parameter for the uWSGI binary in order to specify the settings for emitting metrics using StatsD:

$HM_STATSD_API_KEY=<your api key goes here>

/usr/local/bin/uwsgi --stats-push statsd:$HM_STATSD_HOST:$HM_STATSD_PORT,$HM_STATSD_API_KEY.$HM_METRICS_NAME_PREFIX

Once you have configured uWSGI, head over to your HostedMetrics dashboard, where you'll be able to go within Grafana and use the pre-built dashboards for your uWSGI metrics.

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Haven't had a ton of time to dedicate to metrics just yet, but that being said, happy with HostedMetrics and will continue to be a customer. Much better than HostedGraphite.

Jackson Geller

CTO, Upright Labs Inc

Skip the Hassle

Easy Start

Get started quickly, and with confidence.

Sign up for an account and all the software will be ready for you to use right away:

no trial-and-error setting up
no tedious configuration
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Zero Maintenance

Collect and make use of metrics without the hassle of running, scaling, and maintaining a metrics platform.

Stop worrying about server specs, uptime, maintenance, and configuration. We take care of all the details so that you can get back to building your product.

Exceptional Support

We take pride in treating you right!

We address customer requests quickly and with care.

Don't be surprised when you receive thoughtful messages instead of canned replies.

See for yourself. Create an account and you'll be monitoring in minutes!

How HostedMetrics Works

Step 1 - Send Your Metrics Data

Collect metrics using various industry-standard protocols and sources, such as StatsD, MQTT, and CloudWatch.

Step 2 - Create Dashboards with Grafana

Create new dashboards, import your existing ones, or use publicly available ones. Visualize the things that matter to you.

Step 3 - Explore Your Metrics Ad Hoc

Get to the bottom of things by digging into your data on an ad-hoc basis to pinpoint the necessary details.

Step 4 - Set Up Alerts

Create alerts for the things that matter to you. Know right away when things are not as expected.

Start monitoring! See results in minutes.

We stand by our product. All our plans start with a free trial, no credit card required.

We'll answer all your questions

If you have any questions about HostedMetrics, we will get back to you asap.

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