Hosted Prometheus
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Turnkey solution for your monitoring needs

HostedMetrics offers a complete end-to-end infrastructure and application monitoring solution built with Prometheus at the core. Ready the moment you log in. It includes Grafana for your dashboard needs, and alerting too. Transmit your data with scrape targets, exporters, remote write, and various product integrations.

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Skip the Hassle

Easy Start

Get started quickly, and with confidence.

Sign up for an account and all the software will be ready for you to use right away:

no trial-and-error setting up
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no misconfiguration

Zero Maintenance

Collect and make use of metrics without the hassle of running, scaling, and maintaining a metrics platform.

Stop worrying about server specs, uptime, maintenance, and configuration. We take care of all the details so that you can get back to building your product.

Exceptional Support

We take pride in treating you right!

We address customer requests quickly and with care.

Don't be surprised when you receive thoughtful messages instead of canned replies.

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HostedMetrics is the perfect way to use Grafana and InfluxDB. It enables us to provide our Proptech solutions. After so much hassle setting this up manually on a server, we got up and running on HostedMetrics with no effort. The most important part for us is how HostedMetrics has used its unique skillset to deliver monitoring as a service. They also provide great support, and have helped us optimize our data and improve our dashboards.

Tommy Hagenes

CEO, Energy Control AS

How HostedMetrics Works

Step 1 - Send Your Metrics Data

Transmit your data with scrape targets, exporters, remote write, and various product integrations.

Step 2 - Create Dashboards with Grafana

Create new dashboards, import your existing ones, or use publicly available ones. Visualize the things that matter to you.

Step 3 - Explore Your Metrics Ad Hoc

Get to the bottom of things by digging into your data on an ad-hoc basis to pinpoint the necessary details.

Step 4 - Set Up Alerts

Create alerts for the things that matter to you. Know right away when things are not as expected.

Leverage the Best Open-Source Tools

Prometheus is a metrics platform built from the ground up to handle high write and query loads. It is a custom high-performance datastore written specifically for timestamped data, including DevOps monitoring, application metrics, IoT sensor data, and real-time analytics.
Use our custom API to configure AlertManager straight from your CI/CD pipeline for seamless management of your alerting needs! (docs)
Have alerts delivered to your inbox, Slack, PagerDuty, and various other tools.
Build beautiful dashboards to visualize and showcase your data and its trends. Use Grafana's APIs to configure your dashboards and alerting straight from your CI/CD pipeline.
Explore your data ad-hoc with this powerful yet straightforward querying language.
Keep track of metrics even if your processes are short-lived / ephemeral.
A bit atypical, but if you're set on using StatsD with Prometheus, we make it easy!

Flexible Ways to Send Data to HostedMetrics

Scrape Targets

Tell us where your metrics endpoints are, and done!

Simply configure your scrape targets within HostedMetrics, and whitelist the relevant ip addresses if needed.

You can also use automatic target discovery, for example for Kubernetes or for Google Compute Engine.

Remote Write

Run your own Prometheus instances.

Configure them to send data to HostedMetrics using the remote write protocol.


HostedMetrics provides a PushGateway server to which you can send your metrics.

Using PushGateway requires a bit more management, so it should only be used where necessary. Its main use case is for short-lived processes (such as task queues) where the metrics endpoint will not be permanently available to be scraped.


A bit atypical for Prometheus users, but you can use StatsD if you so desire. We provide the endpoint and you simply point your clients to it. Its staying power over more than a decade goes to show that StatsD is the easiest and simplest way to collect custom metrics from within your application code.

Integrate with the Products You Use


Painlessly generate and push application metrics to HostedMetrics

Amazon CloudWatch

See the performance of your EC2 instances, RDS databases, and more, in your HostedMetrics dashboards


Easily configure your IoT devices to send their data to HostedMetrics

Amazon Web Services

Pull in metrics from specific AWS services into your HostedMetrics dashboards

Microsoft Azure

Sync metrics from your specified Azure resources into your HostedMetrics account

Google Cloud Platform

Aggregate all your infrastructure metrics into your HostedMetrics dashboards


Verify that your Kubernetes pods are healthy and running


Receive all important performance data from your Docker containers


Easily monitor the performance of your web server instances


See your Github commits as timeline annotations on your charts


See your codebase deployments as timeline annotations on your dashboards


Gather system statistics and store them all in HostedMetrics


Receive an email whenever an alert is triggered


Stay informed of alerts right in your preferred Slack channels


Receive immediate alert notifications in your Telegram rooms


Set up a webhook to process your triggered alerts as soon as they occur


See your alerts as notifications in PagerDuty


Process your alerts through the VictorOps incident platform

... and more!

We Work with You

Knowledgeable and Attentive

HostedMetrics is the best choice for onboarding and continued support.

There are no front-line customer support ticket persons. Expect attentive and knowledgable engineering answers instead of frustrating canned replies.

Onboarding Support

Not everyone has the right personnel on site. We're ready to help you get on board, whether you need help at the architecture level or to finesse the visual details of your Grafana dashboards.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services. Whether you need someone to create Grafana dashboards, set up your infrastructure, or architect your data flows. Just ask!

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When we were looking to establish the data backbone of our IoT solution for decentralized solar and battery storage systems, with HostedMetrics we managed to get a rock-stable, high-performing InfluxDB & Grafana instance up and running in minutes.

Since then, the HostedMetrics team has time and again proven not only to be highly responsive whenever we require help, support, and advice, but also very much proactive in providing ever better features and performance.

As a result, HostedMetrics for the foreseeable future is going to be an integral part of our technology strategy.

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