Measurement Naming

This article explains how measurement names for InfluxDB are formatted to specify both the measurement and field names.

The approach taken is to have the field name be specified by the last part of the name, as separated by periods. If no periods are used in the name, then the field name will simply be called "value".

A few examples will help elucidate the system:

Incoming Metric Name
Sent by Your Systems
Measurement Name
Stored in InfluxDB
Field Name
Stored in InfluxDB
ocean_buoy_wave_height ocean_buoy_wave_height value
ocean_buoy.wave_height ocean_buoy wave_height
ocean_buoy_wave_height.value ocean_buoy_wave_height value
ocean_buoy.wave_height.value ocean_buoy.wave_height value
ocean_buoy.wave.height ocean_buoy.wave height
ocean_buoy.wave.frequency ocean_buoy.wave frequency
ocean_buoy.wind.speed ocean_buoy.wind speed
ocean_buoy.wind.direction ocean_buoy.wind direction

The syntax for InfluxDB tags is explained in the Code Instrumentation article.

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