Monitor your application, infrastructure, or IoT devices using the best open-source metrics platforms

Use our hosted turnkey solutions to collect and use time-series data and metrics in real-time. Supports various protocols, such as StatsD and MQTT, and includes alerting and Grafana for dashboards.

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Collect and store data with your favorite metrics platform


Take the hassle out of it

Focus on your product. Leave the hosting and managing of your metrics to us.

➙   Setting up can be difficult and takes time.

➙   Configuring is tedious and prone to mistakes.

➙   Some mistakes may not be obvious at first.

➙   It's easy to accidentally make your data lie to you.

Get up and running in under 15 minutes

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If you're starting from scratch, using StatsD to send your data is as simple as any of these:

metrics.incr("data_feeds.number_of_runs" + tags)

val = some_number
metrics.gauge("data_feeds.number_of_data_items" + tags, val)

with metrics.timer("data_feeds.task_duration" + tags):

... where metrics simply points to our servers:

metrics = statsd.StatsClient(

Use the right product

You want to get the job done, and we want to have happy customers, so let's make sure this is a good fit.

Our product is not geared towards:

Big data
Billions of data points cover most business needs, so let's stay out of the tera, peta, and exa scales.

Being a replacement for a proper database
HostedMetrics is focused on providing metrics platforms, not time-series databases. Metrics platforms are designed to collect real-time measurements, display dashboards, and provide alerting.

Being placed in a data flow pathway
Metrics platforms typically act as an endpoint that provides actionable information to a person.

Expect excellent service

We take pride in treating you better!

No customer service nightmare
Issues will be addressed quickly. We carefully consider issues and you'll receive thoughtful messages, not canned replies.

No billing tricks or shenanigans
We don't have investors, so we don't have any pressure to bend our morals in the pursuit of profits.

We won't disappear overnight on you
It's much too common for startups to be acquired and shut down immediately after, without any regard for their customers. We promise to not disappear on you! It's not in line with our values.

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We stand by our product. All our plans start with our unconditional risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee!

Simple pricing that matches your needs

Whether you're a bootstrapped small business or a venerable major corporation, we have a plan to suit your needs. If you have any additional requirements, have questions about HostedMetrics for enterprise use, or need a one-on-one demo, email us.

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or $35 month to month
Risk-free for 60 days
1 million data points
allocated storage
2 active alerts
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or $95 month to month
Risk-free for 60 days
25 million data points
allocated storage
10 active alerts
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Risk-free for 60 days
4 billion data points
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200 active alerts
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We stand by our product. You have an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. No strings attached, no hassling, no questions asked! If you're unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, we'll promptly refund your money.

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