Hosted Prometheus for application
monitoring with custom metrics,
dashboards, and alerts

Our hassle-free solution includes all the tools you'll need for a
turnkey experience:

Prometheus, AlertManager, a StatsD
server, and Grafana dashboards

Leverage the best open-source tools

Prometheus is a time-series database built from the ground up to handle high write and query loads. It is a custom high performance datastore written specifically for timestamped data, including DevOps monitoring, application metrics, IoT sensor data, and real-time analytics. Prometheus also offers a straightforward, concise, and powerful query language for interacting with data.
Build beautiful dashboards to visualize and showcase your data and its trends.
Configure alerts with this real-time streaming data processing engine.
Explore your data ad-hoc with this powerful yet straightforward querying language.

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Whether you're a bootstrapped small business or a venerable major corporation, we have a plan to suit your needs. If you have any additional requirements, have questions about HostedMetrics for enterprise use, or need a one-on-one demo, email us.

per month billed annually
or $35 month to month
Risk-free for 60 days
1 million data points
allocated storage
2 active alerts
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per month billed annually
or $95 month to month
Risk-free for 60 days
25 million data points
allocated storage
10 active alerts
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per month billed annually
or $995 month to month
Risk-free for 60 days
4 billion data points
allocated storage
200 active alerts
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We stand by our product. You have an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. No strings attached, no hassling, no questions asked! If you're unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, we'll promptly refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how much data I can send concurrently?

We will not limit the rate at which you can send us data unless it becomes truly abusive to our infrastructure.

What if I send too much data overall?

We let you know when you're nearing the limits of your plan. You have two options for handling maxing out your plan limits:

➙    Stay within your plan's limit. You can specify the maximum data retention for your metrics. They do not all have to have the same retention. Older data will disappear as new data streams in. You will be charged a fixed price as per your chosen plan.

➙    Grow into the next pricing tier so that your data can breathe freely. We let your data files grow so that older data doesn't get erased. We will of course notify you about the change.

Is my data safe and secure?

We are committed to keeping your data secure. Strong and unique passwords, 2FA, locked-down servers and settings, open source tools, encryption, and more. We use standard packages and images vetted by a large community of open-source professionals in order to avoid misconfigurations and confusion.

All passwords and any personally identifiable data, such as your name, your company name and your company address, are stored in our database using industry-standard encryption algorithms. Payment information is handled securely by Stripe and is not stored on our servers in any way.

We also give you the option to delete all your data from our systems.

What kind of technical support do you provide?

All our plans include email support with 24-hour response turn-around time.

Do you offer a free version of HostedMetrics?

Not yet but we are considering it. Please get in touch to let us know your use case and needs, so that we can better understand our potential customers and tailor our pricing plans. Email us at [email protected]

Are you going to sell my contact info or data?

No. You're our valued customer, not our product. Your contact information and private data are yours and yours alone. They're safe with us. We'll email you about product and company updates, and you can opt out at any time.

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